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Where To Stay In Kahramanmaraş?
In order to explore the beautiful areas located in the city center and districts of Kahramanmaraş, it is necessary to devote a few days to this city. When you come to Kahramanmaraş for a holiday or visit, you can stay in hotels such as Clarion Hotel Kahramanmaraş in the city center and in apart hotels in the area where the Ilica hot springs are located. When you arrive with your family and loved ones, you can take advantage of hotels with large room options or affordable accommodation options. You can use Kahramanmaraş car rental options to reach your accommodation. In this way, you can easily reach the hotel where you are staying and start exploring the city. Arya Rent a Car online car rental system has many Kahramanmaraş rent a car companies. Thanks to the price comparison module of Arya Rent a car, Kahramanmaraş rental vehicles are listed in the features you want and at comparative prices. You can rent an affordable car in Kahramanmaraş via Arya Rent a Car system and you can easily reach the hotel where you will be staying. If you want to spend time in the healing hot springs, you can also evaluate apart hotel options in this area. If you are interested in skiing, you can have a nice winter holiday with accommodation options around Kahramanmaras Ski Resort. Arya Rent a car's affordable car rental service with Kahramanmaraş car rental prices you can reach the areas where you will stay with the most suitable rental decks for your budget in a short time.

What Do You Eat In Kahramanmaraş?
Kahramanmaraş, of course, comes to mind with its exquisite consistency and fun service of Maraş ice cream. Maras ice cream made with goat's milk fed with thyme continues to attract the attention of foreign tourists for many years. Not only ice cream, but also Kahramanmaraş's tarhana is quite famous. You can find the best consistency of tarhana, which is a hearty and beautiful flavor, in this city. Do not return from this city without taking the tarhana you can find in Kahramanmaraş Grand Bazaar. In Kahramanmarash cuisine, where there is a lot of meat, a lot of spices and a lot of pain in general; There are delicious local dishes such as sour soup, stuffed Mumbar, kebab in Eli district. Kahramanmaraş cuisine offers a good taste experience to travel lovers. Both Kahramanmaras city center and regional restaurants in the districts can try these delicious tastes, Arya Rent a Car online rental service Kahramanmaras car rental options by making affordable car rental restaurants can explore the hidden. Different model and fuel type vehicle Arya Rent a car listed Kahramanmaraş rental vehicles you can experience the rich cuisine of the Masters of the business by choosing what you want. For different car rental Kahramanmaraş option, you can download Arya Rent a Car app.

Maras Ice Cream
Kahramanmaraş ice cream is a dairy product that is offered for sale in appropriate packaging by processing it with the knowledge and skill of the master according to the production technique after pasteurizing the mixture prepared by adding white sugar and salep to goat's milk. There are reasons that make the ice cream produced in the Central District of Maraş unique. Salep orchid, which grows naturally in the highlands of Kahramanmaraş, and milk belonging to goats that graze in the highlands of Maraş are the two main ingredients that make Maraş ice cream unique. The ice cream master adjusts the measurements of these natural products and harmoniously decouples them together. To taste this delicious ice cream in Kahramanmaraş, you can use Kahramanmaraş car rental options from Arya Rent a car online rental service.

Marash Tarhana
Another geographical sign of Kahramanmaraş is the Maraş tarhana. The most suitable wheat for tarhana, which is usually made in the seventh and eighth months, is selected and beaten in the mill and then cooked like rice in the mahasere cauldron. After cooking, it is expected to cool. Rested tarhana is kneaded by adding 1.5-3 kilograms of sour yogurt against 1 kilogram of the vaccine. The next day, in the morning, the tarhana vaccine is laid on Raw and left to dry in the sun. A little dried tarhana is called firik and can be consumed with cookies. The tarhana, which matures fully the next day, is removed from the dew and stored in barrels. Tarhana can also be consumed as firik, snack, soup and roasting. Arya Rent a car Kahramanmaraş rental car options with affordable car rental by going to this city and you can get organic tarhanas from the famous Grand Bazaar Julián.

Sour Soup
The tattoo is soaked from the hangover, boiled, cooked along with lentils and chickpeas. One of the vegetable varieties to be used in the soup (can be purslane, eggplant or beet stalk) is washed, extracted and chopped broth or soup is given the consistency of the soup with digested meat. In the pan, finely chopped onion is pink in oil. Sauce is prepared with tomato paste, mint and pepper flakes. Consistency and flavourings, especially sumac (sour raspberry) and salt adjustment are carefully done. Add a sauce to the soup and serve. The soup is eaten together with Marash goat's cheese or oven pie made with goat's cheese. You can easily find the most exquisite soup of Kahramanmaras in local restaurants and taste it on the spot by renting an affordable car from among the Companies of Arya Rent a car Kahramanmaras rent a car Dec. Rent a car Kahramanmaras options are varied to meet the demand, so you can also evaluate options such as Kahramanmaras luxury car rental.

Juicy Fat Meatballs
It is kneaded by mixing ground beef with Bulgur and rolled on a nut-sized hand foot and pressed in the middle, creating a pit and scalding in the dish's own juice. Chopped head onion, fresh pepper, turn in oil and add 1 tablespoon flour, tomato paste product is boiled meatballs and chickpeas are placed in the medium, salt is adjusted and let sit over the fire for a while. Add mint, red pepper flakes and chopped parsley to the surface of the dish and serve. Because the oil of the dish enters the pits in the meatballs comfortably, the dish is called juicy fat meatballs. Arya Rent a Car Kahramanmaraş car rental options to get the recipe of this exquisite flavor from the Masters of the business you can go by renting the brand model vehicle you want. Arya Rent a car with dozens of Kahramanmaraş rent a car option you can find vehicles in many models where you live you can rent a car in Maraş.

Maras Internal Meatballs
At the preparation stage of the internal mince, the mince is kept in its own water by adding a little water to the meat and mixed frequently by adding finely chopped onions. Add salt, add oil when the onion is drained, and the roasting process is done without leaving the head, taking care of it for a long time. When the color of the roasted mince darkens one or two tons more than the light coffee, the decoction is interrupted and the oil in the roasting is filtered. The inside of the walnut is lightly roasted with the oil taken. Add walnuts, black pepper, red pepper flakes, reyhan to the roasted meat and mix until the material is passed together and left to cool (rest). Stages of meeting the outer meatballs and the inner mince: the piece taken from the moist meatballs is kneaded by hand, a little Civit and the pieces given consistency are hand-carved with skill and enough mince is placed in it and the mouth is closed. After these operations, the meatballs are boiled in boiling salted water, the meatballs that come to the surface of the water are taken with a colander, if the sound sounds crispy, the process results. Bony broth can also be used as a scalding broth. It can be served boiled or fried. This taste will stay on your palate Kahramanmaraş car rental options can be easily reached.

Attractions & Attractions In Kahramanmaraş
Kahramanmaras offers a full trip to travel lovers with its rich historical cuisine and lush natural areas rooted in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Kahramanmaras travel guide when you make both historical decks and natural beauties should be evaluated together. Historical buildings such as Elbistan Grand Mosque, Hatuniye mosque, Kahramanmaraş Stone Madrasa, Hurman Castle and Ceyhan Bridge; Kapıçam Nature Park, Yavşan Plateau Nature Park, Dozir Lake, Tabby Yeşilgöz Promenade, Kilnız Promenade, Başkonuş Plateau, Kazma vineyards and Çokran Waterfall are on the list of cities to visit with their lush natural beauties. Kahramanmaraş is one of our most important provinces with its glorious history and rich culture. If you are going to go from Istanbul to the historical buildings and natural beauties in Kahramanmaraş center, you can go by using airport car rental options and you can reach Kahramanmaraş car rental options. Kahramanmaras is a very comfortable city in terms of traffic, so Kahramanmaras car rental options are for you. With Arya Rent a car, which lists details such as car rental prices and rental conditions by comparing them for you, you can visit the beautiful areas of the city with comfort by renting an affordable car with different car rental options in Kahramanmaraş.

Mavigöl Waterfall
This unique waterfall, which is almost hidden in the rich nature of Kahramanmaraş, is also a must-visit place. It flows from a height of about 15 meters, giving visitors pleasant moments with both jumping and climbing areas. You can have a picnic and enjoy nature by going to the waterfall, which is approximately 30 km from the city center, with your family and loved ones. You can reach the waterfall at the end of a half-hour journey with Kahramanmaraş car rental options.

Echinose Drinking

Kahramanmaraş Airport (KCM)
Kahramanmaraş Airport (KCM)
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